video_open - open video file
video_write_frame -write a frame to a opened video file
video_read_frame - read a frame from a opened video file
video_open_w - open video for writing
video_open - open video for reading
video_close_w( handle ) - close an opened video file
video_close_all_w() - close all opened video file ( opened by video_open_w, not video_open )
video_close( handle ) - close an opened video file
video_close_all() - close all opened video file ( opened by video_open, not video_open_w )
sleep- (Windows only) an C interface to Sleep API.
Rotate - Rotates image in any size
reverse - reverse the image
Resize - Resizes image in any size
paint- redistribute each color channel of an image
Mosaic - mosaic the image
mirror - get a mirror image
Lap_sharp - sharp the image
imwrite - Write image to file
imThreshold - Creates a "binary" image with values distributed according to the threshold parameter
imshow - calling imdraw (Windows). Popup a window to show image ( Linux ).
imread - Reads image file in ANY format
imdraw - draw image direct into screen (Windows). or draw into a spcified window ( Linux ).
imconvert - overturn an image in a certain diretion
Gauss_sharp- harp the image
exposal - get an exposal image
emboss - create emboss of an image
contrast - adjust contrast of an image
color_balance - increases or decreases the brightness of RGB color channels in the image independently
col2gray - convert an image to a grayscale image
bright - adjust brightness of an image
Blur- blur the image